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Who Are We ?

Al Ain Aqua is a member of Al Ain Group that consists ; Al Ain Capital, Al Ain Properties, Al Ain Holding , Al Ain Educational and Al Dahra Agricultural.

Al Ain Aqua was established as a leading provider of energy saving products and renewable energy solutions by using the latest innovative systems, strategies and technologies.


We share the latest experiences with our clients in how to save natural sources by reducing both energy consumption and operating expenses,


Al Ain Aqua is now the Exclusive Agent in the Middle East for the Leading Swedish Company “​ Altered “​ with its Unique Innovation that will Save up to 98% of Water Consumption with full functionality.

the new Nozzle can Retrofit most of existing faucets and mixers without the need to replace them, it has two modes ; Mist mode – consumes 0.2 L / minute   and Spray mode consumes 1.6 L/minute

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Al Ain Aqua – Abu Dhabi
Tel : +971 2 651 5555
Fax: +971 2 6515556

We Know

It’s almost impossible to change habits. So instead we decided to change things. Our products save energy and resources so you don’t have to.
Conscious design for new habits.

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